Business Spotlight: Brentwood Animal Hospital


In today’s world, pets play such an important role in their owners’ lives that they are typically considered vital members of the family. As such, their owners want only the best for their health and care. Fortunately for pet owners in Oak Creek, nearby Brentwood Animal Hospital rises to the occasion with a passion for veterinary medicine and preventive care and a philosophy that makes pets and their owners a top priority.

Brentwood’s ongoing commitment to service excellence since 1967 explains why the business has grown by leaps and bounds since its humble beginnings 50 years ago. It all started when Dr. Norman Osgood purchased a property in Oak Creek that included a residence, two buildings capable of housing 20 dogs each, and adjacent land. Dr. Osgood then converted the garage into a two-room clinic and began practicing veterinary medicine. By 1971 he had outgrown the space, so he broke ground and constructed a new clinic on the adjacent lot on Ryan Road, hired an associate veterinarian and a receptionist, and officially incorporated Brentwood Animal Hospital. The practice is still thriving today and is being run by Dr. Osgood’s twin sons, Brad and Brett Osgood.

From an early age, brothers Brad and Brett developed a passion for the veterinary business. They both were born and raised in Oak Creek and wanted to follow in their father’s footsteps. So in 2007, after receiving their degrees in veterinary medicine from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, they bought the business from their dad to assure that his legacy and traditions of excellence would live on. It’s interesting to note that Brentwood Animal Hospital still operates out of the same original building today, but it now includes a new boarding facility built within the clinic itself. And, in 2015, Brentwood expanded into Franklin, purchasing another existing practice and boarding facility, now known as Brentwood Animal Campus. Currently between both locations, the business employs seven doctors and a staff of more than 50.

At Brentwood Animal Hospital, unparalleled care starts the minute you walk through the door. It is obvious that Brentwood’s staff members love their jobs and truly love animals. Patients are greeted by first names and care begins immediately. Staff takes an interest in each pet’s health and offers compassion and support during illnesses and treatments, as well as when the animal is at the end of its journey.

According to Dr. Brad, “We believe people should choose our practice because we are a family-run business built on putting animals and clients first. As a full-service animal hospital, we offer preventive medicine, surgery, boarding and grooming (and daycare at our Franklin location) – all provided by the best staff in the business!”

Dr. Brett agrees that Brentwood staff is top-notch. “Our strength is based on experience and devotion to the profession,” he shares. “We appreciate our clients’ trust and enjoy developing long-term relationships with them and our patients. We promote preventive care so that our patients can enjoy a long lifetime of good health,” he adds.

He recalls several interesting cases that were unique to the clinic, including Peyton, a black lab mix who survived cancer five times and still had the energy of a puppy. And then there was Oslo, a golden retriever who lived with blastomycosis (a severe fungal infection) for more than 3 years. Lastly, the staff fondly remembers Lollipop, a rabbit who survived a cancerous uterine tumor after Dr. Brad performed surgery.”

But Drs. Brad and Brett both find their interaction with clients to be the most rewarding part of their profession. They also feel that it’s been a privilege and pleasure to have grown up in Oak Creek and then to have become owners of their longstanding business.

Dr. Brett says, “It’s such an honor to be part of this Oak Creek institution – one that’s been growing and thriving with the community for 50 years. Although Dr. Norm passed away in February 2017, the brothers say, “We are always mindful that everything we do today started with our dad more than 50 years ago. This is a city of animal lovers – and we are extremely proud to be part of Dr. Norm’s legacy.”

Brentwood Animal Hospital • 318 W. Ryan Rd. • Oak Creek (414) 762-7173 •