Business Spotlight: Miracle Salt Collective, Inc.

Blazing the Trail of Multiple Uses for a Universal Mineral

There is little wonder why salt has been one of the most sought-after resources in the world for centuries. This universal mineral is one the human body cannot live without. Among its many uses, salt is needed to transmit nerve impulses, contract and relax muscle fibers, and maintain proper fluid balance in the body. It also helps the body regulate blood pressure. While the importance of salt in our daily diets is widely known, many people may be unaware of its many other uses, including spa and wellness therapies, animal feed products, decor creations and pharmaceutical applications.

With demand for salt rising worldwide, the call is being answered by a newly formed Oak Creek business, Miracle Salt Collective, Inc. This unique business, located at 7730 South Sixth St., is leading the industry in innovative ways to mine this precious mineral and to promote its usage.

Founded in 2018 by Ahmad N. Khan, his son Muhammad (“Moe”) M. Khan, and Ted Ballantyne (a local businessman/investor), Miracle Salt’s core product is Himalayan crystal salt found exclusively in the mineral-rich country of Pakistan. This crystal salt, commonly known as “rock salt,” became trapped in the region

during the land formation of Asia more than 250 million years ago. After millions of years of natural crystallization, these deposits are the most pure salt reserves on earth, and can be classified as crystal.

The Miracle Salt Collective was started when its founders hired a consortium of international consultants to survey this Salt Range, explore the industry, and evaluate the resource and its global potential. From Pakistan to the Americas, China, Europe, and the Middle-East/Africa, all markets were considered. The group, who worked with the Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation, ultimately chose Pakistan as its primary source, largely because it has the world’s 6th largest population and the world’s third largest English- speaking population – two attractive features for opening new markets.


Miracle Salt’s crystal salt is organically formed and is used in a variety of industries, including:

  • Culinary and Edible Salt Products Himalayan crystal rock salt is the most pure source of organic edible salt in the world. This salt is found as is, and requires no chemical processing or additives to achieve the level of purity needed for human consumption. It is naturally purified through millions of years of exposure to elements and crystallization. With a simple process that requires traditional mining techniques, washing, crushing, and sorting, this salt finds its way from the source to the consumer. Miracle Salt is also the largest producer of animal feed licks (using the same salt), and the company is working to unveil its own private label edible salt.
  • Decor One of Miracle Salt’s most popular products is its exclusive line of decorative salt lamps. This collection of large Himalayan crystal salt lamps boasts crystals varying in weight from 100-600+ lbs. from all ends of the Salt Range. They each retain their unique shape and hue and are carefully transported to the U.S., where they are cleaned, re-weighed and measured. They are then assembled with a proper base and stored before shipping throughout the country. These distinctive salt products are not only attractive, they also feature added health benefits that enhance their value.
  • Health and Wellness Uses As more people seek salt therapy as a way to heal the body and mind, Himalayan salt products for the spa industry are also gaining popularity. Salt therapy, better known as halotherapy, is a holistic method that recreates the microclimate of a salt cave experience. Salt rooms, where the walls and floors are covered by layers of salt, offer individuals a treatment environment in which they breathe-in dry salt aerosol.

Halotherapy can relieve and treat symptoms of various respiratory conditions, including asthma, chronic bronchitis and allergies. Experts also claim that it eases smoking-related symptoms, treats depression and anxiety, and is beneficial for skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne. Salt rooms take health and wellness to an entirely different level and remain a top spa trend.

With so many uses for salt today, the future for Miracle Salt appears to be bright. In fact, Miracle Salt is pleased to offer its products for direct purchase online through its e-store, and at its Oak Creek showroom. Information on its direct-to-the-consumer pricing is available on its website. And for wholesale business opportunities, the company encourages inquiries through its website. Retail partnerships continue to be formed in the Midwest, with around 200 retailers already established. These range from animal feed stores to gift stores, decor stores, CBD stores, flower shops and others.

So how did this up-and-coming business choose Oak Creek for its headquarters? According to President Ahmad Khan, the core of the company is Wisconsin raised. Prior to the pandemic, company executives realized the significant opportunities for growth in southeast Wisconsin, thereby motivating them to stay in the City. “We like that our community is unique and diverse, with the potential to be one of the best places to work and live in the country. Miracle Salt is proud to be part of the Oak Creek business community,” he says.

General Manager Clayton J. Shimetz, who has served in that role since the company’s inception, agrees. “I love the fact that we established a global headquarters in beautiful Oak Creek,” he says. “And I take great pride that Miracle Salt’s manufacturing is both ethical and sustainable.”

He’s gratified that the company is starting a foundation to direct a portion of its proceeds to the Himalayan mining communities where this ancient mineral is harvested. This so-called “Miracle Foundation” will partner with both the government and the mining community at large to provide community development assistance. By donating a portion of its profits and raising funds, Miracle Salt aims to support socially responsible projects for current and future developments in the mining community.

And according to CCO Muhammad Khan, “The support from our local community members means so much to us here at Miracle Salt Collective. We encourage Oak Creek residents to visit our showroom and website to gain a deeper understanding of this remarkable mineral.” Miracle Salt looks forward to growing its company and operations, and making Himalayan salt available in all its forms to the global community.

Miracle Saltworks Collective, Inc.
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